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Capstone Project FAQ

Is it legal to buy a capstone project?

Yes, it is 100% legal to cooperate with our online company. We are a legally existing service that adheres to all applicable laws and policies. We also have clear policies on our web platforms too. We secure customer details and privacy in all aspects. User rights are protected here maximally.

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You need to check the paper we will provide you for review. Communicate about some mismatches with the initial instructions you have forwarded to us. You need to type a message to your academic writer only. The edits will be provided for free and without any limitations about their number. We will work till making final project is 100% suitable for your expectations and instructions.

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A capstone project is a complicated task that takes time and energy. It checks the background and knowledge that a student has gained during the previous course. It also requires finding and using credible sources of information for writing. That is why most students hate this project. 

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It depends on the deadline you choose for your capstone writing. Our service offers different deadlines – from 3 hours up to 14 days. There are many other good options in between. We surely encourage you to apply in advance with your capstone-making request. 

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